Tier Levels


Level Up to Earn Rewards

Referring / Buying tickets in any of the available lotteries will increase your Tier Level. Completing Tiers in the Tiers Panel will Earn you Rewards every 2 weeks.
Tiers Panel


  • Tier 1 - 10 tickets earning you 0.1 EGLD
  • Tier 2 - 25 tickets earning you 0.25 EGLD
  • Tier 3 - 50 tickets earning you 0.5 EGLD
  • Tier 4 - 75 tickets earning you 0.75 EGLD
  • Tier 5 - 100 tickets earning you 1 EGLD
*Rewards may change depending on the current state of the market.
Good to know: Tier progress will reset every week, after which the distribution of the rewards will begin.
Need support? You can contact us on Elrond Bunny Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/VAUZA9mYH6. After joining the server, make sure to create a ticket in the " #ticket-support " channel so that our team can assist you.